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The A-List | Top Hairstyles From The Biggest Actors

Huge actors, even huger hairstyles (metaphorically, not literally), here’s MFH’s round-up of the top A-list men’s hairstyles.

This bunch aren’t going to win any awards for creativity with their hair, but their styles are all solid choices. Plus, they’ve got loads of other awards on their mantlepiece so they don’t need any extras!

With a mix of ages and hair types, there might just be a style amongst this lot that’ll inspire you the next time you visit the barbers.



orlando-bloom-long-shoulder-length-hair-curly-man-for-himself.jpg Steve Granitz/WireImage

1. Orlando Bloom

This long, curly hairstyle with a flipped parting is classic 00’s Orlando Bloom – relaxed, tousled and laidback.

Orlando knows how to embrace his naturally curly texture with products that are designed to nourish, condition and give hold to curls and waves.

He first rocked this look back when Lord of the Rings came out, but a longer length cut is a style he goes back to time and time again.

Fancy something a bit more polished? Check out his shorter look here.

ryan-gosling-tapered-fade-haircut-hairstyle-man-for-himself-ft.jpg Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images

2. Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling’s short taper is tight and square which, if you’ve got the bone structure for it, can be a really flattering style. Avoid going too short though if you’ve got a rounder face!

To style this look, it’s all about using a matte product like a clay, volume powder or a paste to add lots of workable texture through the top.

A structured cut likes this looks good with a more casual beard – it’s all about balance!

bradley-cooper-slick-swept-back-hairstyle Featureflash Photo Agency /

3. Bradley Cooper

For awards and events Bradley Cooper has a tendency to sweep his medium length hair back – well if you’ve got a style like you like why not stick with it?

Style with wax or a high shine pomade to add a touch of gloss.

Although it’s a great look for those with thick and wavy hair like Bradley, don’t rule it out if you’re on the thinner side but do consider using a volume shampoo or thickening tonic prior to styling.

4. Liam Hemsworth

Liam has found his groove with this simple square cut. Worn longer on the top and with a slight quiff, it accentuates his naturally wavy, thick hair.

Add wax for hold and /or add grit and texture with sea salt spray. 


5. Hugh Jackman

The X-Men actor still has a good head of hair on him but there are visible signs of thinning on the top. He’s made the right decision by keeping it neat and tight on the sides and loose, but with some volume, at the front.

This is a really great example of how a softer style can disguise thinner hair.

6. Ben Affleck

Ben’s salt and pepper colour looks great with this short cut – any longer and the look could veer into scruffy territory.

This classic short back and sides has some length left on top so you can style it into a quiff or wear as a fringe.

7. Dev Patel

Dev’s curly medium length style is one of MFH’s favourite A-list men’s hairstyles. We love the way it looks so carefree and nonchalant in this shot.

Style with pomade for a glossy shine – always opt for moisturising formulas like a wax or pomade to avoid drying out curly hair.



8. Will Smith

What a journey Will Smith’s hair has been on over the actor’s career. From his 90s flat top during his Fresh Prince years, to his recent preference for a buzz cut, Will has played around with his style for sure.

Now he prefers to keep things low maintenance in terms of styling, but for a buzz to look sharp be sure to visit your barber every two weeks or so.

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