Rami Malek: Short Textured Fringe Hairstyle

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Hollywood actor and James Bond villain, Rami Malek, is an ideal candidate for this short textured fringe. Cutting a fringe (that can be pushed up) from recession point to recession point has created a more square and wide proportion to his triangular face shape.

MFH says

Short, neat, textured and tapered. This is a great hairstyle on Rami Malek!

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  • Keep the sides short, neat and tapered.
  • A fringe needs to be cut into the hair so it can be pushed up and off the face.
  • The fringe can be used as a guideline for the length of the hair in the top.
  • Plenty of texture in the top.
  • Cut the top square.
  • Taking the fringe wide, from recession point to recession point, will create a square frame for the face.
  • The fringe needs to be pushed up – not too dissimilar to a quiff.
  • In styling, use a clay, or a product with a natural finish, to manipulate the hair and create plenty of texture.



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