Noah Centineo: Curly Grown Out Hairstyle

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Lived-in, grown-out and natural, Noah Centineo’s style is a low maintenance, medium length hairstyle that just needs a bit of product to add volume at the roots and definition at the ends.

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Why We Love It:

Noah Centineo works his natural, thick waves perfectly in this grown out style. On the actor, it looks effortlessly cool; on others it could look messy and unkept.

But remember that low maintenance doesn’t mean no maintenance! Use a sea salt spray to give texture a matte wax to give definition.

What To Ask Your Barber:

  • To get Noah Centineo’s medium length hairstyle, ask your barber to leave length all over.
  • Use a point cutting technique on the ends to add some texture.
  • If you have very thick curly or wavy hair, the barber might want to remove some of the bulk. Best to leave as much as possible though.

Get The Look

  • Firstly, you’ll need to let this style grow!
  • When styling apply a mousse to build in some volume or salt spray to add some texture, and then dry with a blow-dryer or let it dry naturally.
  • Apply product such as matte wax to the ends to add definition.
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