Seth Rogen: Curly Quiff Hairstyle

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Seth Rogen has never strayed too far from his curly quiff hairstyle. But if ain’t broke, don’t fix it… Seth’s curls always look charmingly dishevelled and laidback.

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Seth Rogen has pretty much rocked a curly pompadour quiff ever since his break out role in Knocked Up in 2007. His curls have become a little more defined and refined over the years, but he always sports a classic look.

Essential tools to invest in if you want a quiff? A hairdryer and a vent brush.

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  • Seth Rogen’s quiff hairstyle is perfect if you have curly or wavy hair, but the style can work on straight hair too.
  • Ask your barber to first trim down the sides. Normally this will be done using a scissor over comb technique and then the sides will be tapered using clippers.
  • You’ll want to keep the length on top (at least three inches) and ensure your barber gives you a cut with lots of texture. You’ll need this texture to help you style your quiff at home.
  • You might want to have a hairdryer and a vent brush to hand.
  • After washing hair, use a volumising spray or salt spray if your hair is on the thin side.
  • Then using your hairdryer and vent brush dry the top section of your hair, ie. your quiff. Aim the air in the direction you want the hair to go and use the vent brush to guide it up and back. Don’t tug at the hair as this will make it go frizzy.
  • Alternatively, tease your hair into shape using your fingers and a touch of matte paste.
  • After drying the sides and the back of your hair, hold the style in place with a light styling cream or even a light finishing spray. Go steady, you don’t want it to look too stiff or greasy.



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