Textured Short Back And Sides With Fringe

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A cool style that ticks all the boxes – this short, back and sides is textured, groomed, fresh and finished with a fringe.

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Why We Love It:

There are many ways you can update the traditional short, back and sides and this is one of them. Wear the top of your hair textured and get your barber to cut in a medium length fringe.

With some volume powder it’s easy to create the spiked up look at home (no gel please) and you have the option of wearing the fringe neat or creating choppy texture with some clay or matte paste.

What To Ask Your Barber:

  • To get this textured look with a medium length fringe, ask your barber for a short back and sides with a textured top.
  • You want your fringe left medium length.
  • The top of your hair should be cut down with freehand clippers if needs be and then textured with razors.
  • You have the choice of having a low fade on the sides so be sure to know how close you want it.

Get The Look

  • Blow dry hair, bringing it down and forward.
  • Style dry hair with texture powder to bring some grit and shape to your short back and sides.
  • Then tweak into shape with your palms and some clay or a matte paste. Go steady as you want hair to have texture, but not be too stiff. It’s not the 90s …
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