Frank Ocean: Buzz Cut Hairstyle on Afro Hair

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Cool customer Frank Ocean has the most precise buzz cut going – and it looks super sharp on his Afro hair. A fan of playing with hair colour in the past, Frank has let his au natural buzz cut do all the talking of late.

MFH says

Frank Ocean’s Afro buzz cut always look so effortless but seriously cool at the same time. How? Well, it might have something to do with the fact that it’s both casual and classic at the same time. And so smart that Frank even sported a buzz cut to the Met Gala back in 2019. It’s a look that all guys should try once (but, bumpy heads beware!)

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  • First thing first – get to know your scalp. If it’s on the bumpy side you might want to give the buzz cut a miss.
  • Frank sports an Afro buzz cut with a fade so the key things to ask your barber for are that the sides start really short. This might mean they use a zero guard or even shave the area with a cut throat razor.
  • For a true buzz cut you’ll need to ask for a uniform length on the crown. It’s up to you whether you want the fade to be gradual or stop more abruptly. Frank’s is very gradual which takes the skill of a barber to achieve.
  • Beware: You’ll need to visit your barber regularly, as much as every 2 weeks, as this is a style that grows out fast.
  • Good news, although it might need some upkeep from the barber this buzz cut style is super easy to style at home. It’s great for Afro hair types too as you can literally wash and go, without much maintenance.
  • Whatever your hair type we’d recommend a shampoo that is on the more moisturising side as you want to ensure your scalp is nourished and never dry. Let’s face it, it’s going to be on show a lot!
  • A light hair and skin oil is a good investment too for touching up any dry areas. Plus, don’t forget to apply SPF. There’s nothing worse than a burnt scalp!



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