Zayn Malik: Short, Cropped And Dyed

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We all know Zayn Malik has sported a wealth of different hairstyles over the years, but more recently he has kept his hair short and cropped – but thrown wild card colours like this blue hue into the mix.

MFH says

Zayn Malik is lucky to be able to pull off just about any haircut and hairstyle. But we have to say we prefer this classic cropped style to some of the longer looks he’s sported, especially in his One Direction past.

His cut is neat, it’s textured and it’s flattering – and when he has fun with colour like with this blue dyed look, it elevates the hairstyle to a new level.

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  • Ask your barber for a scissor cut on the top.
  • You’ll want plenty of texture in the top – use a point cutting technique.
  • Clippers can be used on the sides and back to create a low fade, with the hair being shortest at the nape of the neck.
  • Use detailers to tidy up facial hair and hair around the neckline.
  • When it comes to dyed hair ask what your barber recommends to achieve Zayn‘s light blue hue – they may refer you to a colour specialist, especially if your hair needs to be pre-lightened first.
  • To style Zayn Malik‘s short crop at home, work some clay from root to tip.
  • Pay close attention to the ends of hair for extra definition.



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