Medium Length Thinning Hair

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 This haircut is great for you guys that still have a decent head of hair, but have noticed areas that are starting to thin out.

MFH says

Keeping the hair short and neat around the back and sides always helps to make the hair on top appear thicker and fuller!

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  • Look for a barber with experience of dealing with thinning hair.
  • The barber should cut lots of texture into the hair.
  • Leaving it really long on top won’t necessarily cover up thinning areas, so don’t be afraid to cut some length off.
  • Make sure the sides and top are blended into each other.
  • Ask for plenty of volume in the styling.
  • Matt definitely has plenty of coarse hair but the back and sides appear to be thinning slightly. The hair is also starting to thin towards the crown and the front hairline. 
  • During Matt’s consultation, Luke decided there was too much of a disconnection and the hair had been left too long in certain areas. Leaving more length doesn’t necessarily mean it will cover more scalp and can sometimes draw more attention to problem areas.
  • Luke washed Matt’s hair with Nioxin System 1. This included the Cleanser Shampoo and Scalp Therapy Revitalizing Conditioner. The third step was the Scalp & Hair Treatment which was sprayed directly onto the scalp.
  • System 1 is specially formulated as a hair thickening treatment, delivering denser-looking hair. It reduces hair loss due to breakage and strengthens the hair, while refreshing the scalp and delivering a healthy shine to natural hair with light thinning.
  • After washing the hair, Luke sectioned the hair off. He dried the sides so he could see the hair in its natural state, before cutting. He used a comb whilst drying the hair so it would lie flat.
  • Luke then used his clippers on a grade 1 to create his guideline for the skin fade. He blended out the lowest half inch with 0.5 and moved up through the guide into a 2.
  • From there, he used detailers to define and tidy up the hairline. He also faded the edge of the beard into the sides.
  • Into the top, everything was cut square. Matt’s hair on the top was previously very round which had left him with too much hair in the weightline through the middle of the head. 
  • Luke worked with the length that was left on the outside edges and to square it off. He wet the hair, over directed each section, and point cutted to add texture.
  • For the front, Luke left a slight disconnection between the top and the front – which would become the quiff. 
  • Into styling, Luke used Nioxin’s Diaboost. Using Nioxin’s HTX Technology, this gel treatment coats each strand and expands the diameter of the hair. It instantly looks and feels thicker. 
  • He followed by using the Nioxin Thickening Spray to add long-lasting volume and lift Matt’s fine hair. 
  • Luke dried the sides and edges of the hair to help emphasise the square cut on the top. 
  • This was one of Matt’s main problem areas and so Luke showed him a blow drying technique – using a round brush – to help build volume and increase the appearance in density.
  • He sealed the ends of the hair, using a GHD styler. This helped refine the hair.
  • To finish off, he used a small amount of the Sebastian Craft Clay to break up the hair and add definition to the style. To hold it in place, he used Nioxin Strong Hold hairspray.



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