Rafferty Law: Medium Length Curly Hairstyle

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Rafferty Law, son of actor Jude, has an enviable head of curls on him and his medium length curly hairstyle looks artfully dishevelled and harks back to the 90s skater scene.

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Why We Love It:

We can’t get over how much Raff (full name Rafferty Jellicoe Law Frost) looks like his dad Jude Law. But one main difference between the two is Raff’s full head of bouncy curls.

His medium length curly cut looks great but be sure to keep them moisturised and defined with styling essentials like a curl-specific defining cream and matt wax. Also, a diffuser attachment for a hairdryer is a smart move to achieve frizz-free curls.

What To Ask Your Barber:

  • To get Rafferty Law’s medium length curly hairstyle ask your barber to use scissor over comb, rather than clipping, to sculpt the hair.
  • You’ll want to have it left longer through the top, as curly hair will jump as it dries.
  • Ideally you’ll need to have grown your hair out to at least four to five inches on the top so that you have enough length.

Get The Look

  • To finesse Rafferty Law’s curly hairstyle at home spritz a heat-protecting moisturising spray on freshly washed hair.
  • Use a hairdryer on a low setting blow dry or use a diffuser to ensure a frizz-free look.
  • When your hair is dry, use a lightweight styling cream or a matt wax to give a light, moisturising hold.
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