Medium Length Haircut For Fine Hair

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Creating texture and hold for fine hair can be quite tricky but this is the perfect haircut and style if you have this type of hair.

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Why We Love It:

Styling fine hair can be hard but this style helps to boost the hair where it needs it – right at the root!

What To Ask Your Barber:

  • Soft vertical layers through the hair.
  • Plenty of texture.
  • The hair should be cut from short to long up to the crown section, whilst following this shape around the curvature of the head; to really create a softness in the weight. 
  • Hair should be cut square through the top.

Get The Look

  • In Ollie’s consultation, Anthony could see that Ollie has a lot of hair, but that it was deceptively fine. Ollie’s hair was fairly flat and definitely needed a boost. 
  • After washing Ollie’s hair, it was straight back into the chair where Anthony applied a small amount of gel. This helps control the hair during the haircut.
  • To prepare for the cut, Anthony started by sectioning the hair using a horseshoe section. This isolates the top from the sides and the back of the head.
  • Working on the sides and back first, Anthony pulled the hair through his fingers, taking diagonal sections and trimming – keeping it longer towards the top than around the neck. This is known as a vertical layering technique which builds up weight and shape in the hair – perfect for fine hair like this. 
  • Once he was happy with the length and shape of the sides and back, Anthony freehand cut around the nape of the neck and above the ears. This just tidied up the look.
  • Anthony dried the bottom section to make sure the hair sat perfectly. When it was dry he went through the hair with the scissors and a comb, and moving in an upwards motion, he blended the sides. He finished this part of the cut by using detailers to remove any stray hairs. 
  • Moving onto the top, Anthony sectioned the crown and divided the hair straight down the middle to the front. He followed by subdividing the hair and trimming the side sections.
  • He then trimmed the hair at the back by pulling the hair from the crown, down through the fingers, and cut straight across the back of the head. 
  • Staying at the back of the head, Anthony then took sections vertically at a 90 degree angle, cutting the hair square. 
  • A square cut strengthens the haircut and helps to create a symmetrical shape throughout. 
  • For each section the hair was overdirected slightly back to allow more length at the front. Anthony used this technique throughout the top of Ollie’s hair, moving from the back to the front. 
  • Once the main cut was finished, Anthony dried the hair using a flat brush. A flat brush smoothes out the hair. He also used his hands with the hairdryer, to push the hair off the face and give a loose finish to this swept back style. 
  • The newly cut layers have gave Ollie’s fine hair a lot more volume and texture.
  • To finesse the cut, Anthony went back in with scissor over comb to make sure the sides were fully blended in with the top. 
  • Onto styling,Anthony used a small amount of Hanz De Fuko’s Gravity Paste. This is a really strong product, so for fine hair like Ollie’s you only need a small amount.
  • If you are using Gravity Paste, make sure you activate the product between your palms before applying it to your hair. 
  • Using just a small amount of the product, Anthony gave Ollie’s hair a natural finish, but with this ‘super grip’, high hold.  
  • Using his hands he combed the product through the hair and loosely worked it back. 
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