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Summer Hairstyles For Men | 5 Trends For 2024

Explore the 5 hottest men’s summer hairstyle trends and find the perfect look to match your personal style.

As the summer heat intensifies, so does the desire for fresh, stylish, and practical hairstyles. This season, hair trends are all about embracing your natural texture, offering a range of looks that cater to every style and preference. From revamped classics to edgy modern cuts, summer 2024 has something for everyone.

Here are the must-try styles that are taking the spotlight this summer:

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Medium Length 90s Curtains

The 90s are back in fashion but with a twist. If you’re old enough to remember curtains the first time around, you’ll know that it was the boyband look of the time. However, this 2024 version is a lot more natural, with lots more texture and a longer fringe, the emphasis is on your natural wave. No gel to be seen!

Pictured: From left to right
Chase Stokes, Kevin Alves, Sebastian Stan, Christopher Briney

How To: Cut and Style

  • Your barber will likely use a point-cutting technique, which adds texture and movement while helping to balance out any weight.
  • Start by using a comb to create a centre part. Use your nose as a guideline – but remember relaxed is the name of the game here, so don’t worry about making it super precise and sharp.
  • Take a golf-ball-sized amount of volumising mousse and run it through towel-dried hair using your fingers.
  • Blow dry your hair, using your hands to push the curtains upwards to create volume and movement.
  • When you’ve finished, warm a pea-sized amount of styling product – like a clay – in your hands and run it through your hair for a textured finish.
  • For more styling tips on each style shown, click the corresponding name.

Top tip: Work some clay from the mid-lengths to ends of the hair for the ultimate, ‘piecey’ texture. Try to keep it off and away from the scalp. 

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Low/Taper fade

Fades are very popular this year but the low/taper fade brings more sophistication than the standard fade, so is perfect for a neater look.  The great thing about this hairstyle is that the short back and sides will keep you cooler in the warmer temperatures.

Pictured: From left to right
Marcus Rashford , Josh Duhamel, Leo Woodall, AJ Pritchard  

How To: Cut and Style

  • To style a low/taper fade we recommend bringing a reference photo to the barber.
  • They’ll probably use point cutting and/or slicing techniques – potentially even razor cutting – to add lots of texture and movement and remove bulk while keeping some length.
  • Your hairstylist/barber will achieve the low fade by gradually blending the hair shorter towards the bottom at the sides, starting just above the ear and tapering down to the hairline at the nape of the neck.
  • When the haircut is finished, your stylist might use a trimmer to clean up the edges and refine the shape.
  • Depending on how much length you leave on top, you can then style with hair product.
  • A salt spray will give texture and movement to the hair.
  • A product like a matte paste or clay will help you to style and define your hairstyle.
  • For more styling tips on each style shown, click the corresponding name.

Top Tip: A sea salt spray into damp hair will give loads of beachy texture. For more volume, use a hairdryer to build the height into the hair. 

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Old Money Flow 

This hairstyle is currently trending all over social media. It’s another classic do from the 90s that’s making a comeback and it’s totally versatile. You can sweep it off your face for utter sophistication or let it hang forward like a 90s heartthrob.

Pictured: From left to right:
Damian Hurley, Cameron Dallas, Shawn Mendes, Greg James

How To: Cut and Style

  • Ask your barber/stylist to point cut your hair, which will give texture
  • Keep the length all over, particularly in the front and the top. No layers are needed.
  • If you have thick hair, you might want some of the bulk weight cut out.
  • Use a mousse as a pre-styler to help create volume. You can also use a thickening spray to really give that thick, full, old money vibe.
  • Use a styling cream to define the curls and tame any flyaways.
  • You can then work in a pomade from front to back when you’ve finished drying, pushing the hair into shape as you go, and pulling down a few wavy strands onto your forehead.
  • For more styling tips on each style shown, click the corresponding name.

Top tip: Blow dry your hair in the opposite way that it naturally grows. This will give loads of root lift. Then flip back to style the it grows. This really helps to give that perfectly undone look. 

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French Crop 

The French crop is a stylish and practical choice for summer. This haircut features short sides and back with a slightly longer top that is combed forward. The defining characteristic is the fringe, which can be blunt or textured. It’s easy to maintain and style, making it a popular choice for those looking for a fresh and modern look. Works great for those with curly or wavy hair.

Pictured: From left to right:
Paul Mescal, Skread, Michael Fassbender, Mart O’Halloran

How To: Cut and Style

  • Ask the barber for a French crop.
  • The length on both top and sides are optional and should be decided between you both before the service begins.
  • A grade 1 or below will add extra sharpness to the cut.
  • While the length will vary according to what you’ve discussed, the French crop is usually shorter at the front and gradually gets longer towards the crown. 
  • The barber may use a point-cutting technique to create texture and remove bulk from the hair.  
  • This basically means cutting hair at an angle, using the tips of the scissors. 
  • For styling products, go for something matte finish – try a clay or a paste. Just work a tiny bit into the hair for definition.
  • A hair powder is also great to just add a tiny bit of movement.
  • For more styling tips on each style shown, click the corresponding name.

Top tip: Emulsify (rub in your hands until it’s clear) a tiny bit of clay. Work into your hair with the heel of your hand. Shaking the product into the hair will really increase the texture and definition of the style. 

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Buzz Cut

Buzz cuts are huge at the moment and we can see why! They’re low-maintenance and perfect for hot weather. It involves clipping the hair close to the scalp, which not only helps in staying cool but also highlights your facial features. It’s ideal for those who want a no-fuss style that requires minimal styling.

Did you know there are many styles of buzz cut? Check out our Buzz Cut Guide for all the info you need to get started.

Bleached Buzz Cut

The buzz cut lends itself to bleaching or dyeing for an even edgier look. If you’re looking for inspo check out Will and Josh from our most recent Street Style here. Josh is planning on dyeing a cheetah print for an even bolder style, so why not try that?

Pictured: From left to right:
David Beckham, Pharell Williams, Will and Josh

How To: Cut and Style

  • There are many different styles of buzz cut so what you ask at the barber will depend on the style you choose. You can find 7 styles and all the information needed for each here.

Top tip: Yes, it might be tempting to do this yourself at home, but for buzz cut newbies, seeing a barber will really ensure that you get it as neat and as tight as possible! 

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