Leo Woodall: Textured Haircut With Volume And Low Fade

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Currently causing all sorts of emotions in One Day on Netflix as a floppy-haired lothario, Leo Woodall’s hair IRL is a lot more textured and full, with that low fade adding to the on-trend vibe.

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Why We Love It:

Leo Woodall might be a relative newcomer to this fame malarkey, but this full, textured hairstyle he had on the Emmy’s red carpet is extremely coiffed in comparison to a year ago.
That little curl pulled down into the centre of his forehead softens the look, and acts as visual signpost for his eyes.
But hell, if you have baby blues like his, this is never going to be a bad thing.
MFH isn’t going to lie – this style will take a lot of product and hairspray to get right.
But if you have a round, full face like Leo’s, the height adds length and can slim the face down.

What To Ask Your Barber:

  • For Leo’s hairstyle, it’s best to start with a consultation with your barber, explaining what you want to achieve, and showing photos.
  • After washing and conditioning your hair, the hairstylist will cut the hair at the top for the desired length and texture.
  • They’ll probably use point cutting and/or slicing techniques – potentially even razor cutting – to add lots of texture and movement and remove bulk while keeping some length.
  • Your hairstylist/barber will achieve the low fade by gradually blending the hair shorter towards the bottom at the sides, starting just above the ear and tapering down to the hairline at the nape of the neck.
  • When the haircut is finished, your stylist might use a trimmer to clean up the edges and refine the shape.

Get The Look

  • To get Leo’s volume, it’s all about product – with hold.
  • Use a volumising mousse on damp hair, running it from roots to ends.
  • Next, apply a texturising spray for extra grit.
  • Then blow dry the hair on medium heat.
  • Use your fingers to hold the hair on top of your head up as you blow dry it, to give it some lift.
  • Then use a vent brush to sweep it slightly back,
  • When dry, use a matt pomade or clay to smooth any fly aways and to mould it into the shape you want.
  • Pull down a thick strand of hair onto the forehead, like Leo has.
  • Spritz with hairspray for extra hold.
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