Kevin Alves: 90s Throwback Curtain Haircut

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If you’ve ever watched Yellowjackets (please do, it’s great) you’ll have been struck by how good Kevin Alves’ 90s throwback curtain haircut is. Which is, yes, set in the 1990s.

And it just so happens it became the haircut du jour in the 2020’s too.

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Why We Love It:

Kevin Alves’ 90s throwback curtain haircut is straight, shiny perfection.

In fact, so good is Kevin’s hair that even onscreen as his Yellowjackets alter ego, Travis, it always looks *chef’s kiss* despite the fact  he’s living in the wilderness with kids from his highschool after a plane crash.

With, gasp, no access to styling products. (Shudders)

But clearly, having thick, straight hair is key to Kevin’s successful ‘do.

And MFH has some great tips on looking after that barnet, and the tools you can use to make yours straighter, too.

What To Ask Your Barber:

  • Kevin Alves’ 90s throwback curtain haircut might look simple, but you need a skilled barber/hairstylist to get it right.
  • Your stylist will probably comb the hair straight back from the forehead and divide it into two equal sections with a center part.
  • They’ll trim the hair shorter at the sides and leave it to collar length at the back.
  • Kevin’s hair at the top and sides has been point cut/layered very subtly so it has some movement and softness to it.

Get The Look

  • Kevin Alves’ 90s throwback curtain haircut works best on thick, straight hair.
  • To get that shine, use a clarifying shampoo once a week – a buildup of product or minerals can make your hair look dull and lifeless so this will help remove that.
  • Always condition your hair after you wash it.
  • Once a week, apply a hair mask or overnight conditioning treatment.
  • Limit heat styling as much as possible – and if you do use a hairdryer or straighteners, coat your hair with a heat protecting product first.
  • Another top tip? After washing and conditioning your hair, run it under cold water to finish, as this helps close the cuticles and can help give hair a shinier appearance.
  • To style this look, apply a product like volumising mousse or a texturising spray to your hair.
  • Use a comb to get the perfect centre part and use your nose as a guide for where to part it.
  • Then using a round brush, blow dry your hair down each side, then around the back.
  • If you want a little bit of volume, lift the brush slightly as you dry it, pointing the hairdryer at the roots.
  • If you want to give it a very polished look, you can run some straighteners through it quickly when it’s dry.
  • Then, use your fingers and a little pomade or wax to add a little movement and texture.
  • Spritz with a shine spray or apply a tiny bit of hair oil over the hair to give it that glossy appearance.
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