French Crop With Curly Hair

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This is a perfectly precise French crop hairstyle. Classically, hair is kept short on the back and sides, with a high fade, and longer on top. Whether you have straight or curly hair, adapt it to your own style and go as short or long as you like.

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Why We Love It:

A French crop is a fantastic option for guys that want a contemporary yet low-maintenance haircut and hairstyle. Sure, you’ll need regular cuts (specifically clipper fades), but it will be quick and easy to style each day.

What To Ask Your Barber:

  • Ask the barber for a French crop.
  • The length on both top and sides are optional and should be decided between you both before the service begins.
  • A grade 1 or below will add extra sharpness to the cut.

Get The Look

  • This hairstyle will be short so the aftercare should be simple.
  • Wash hair and either finger dry with a hairdryer to add a little style or leave to dry naturally.
  • You can add paste or clay to the hair add texture.
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