Cameron Dallas: 90’s Inspired Hairstyle

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American YouTube star and actor Cameron Dallas has a unique hairstyle with this 90’s inspired look. With the hair bought forward and the separated strands over the face, it’s very much reminiscent of a 90’s boyband hairstyle. The slicked back sides, however, keeps it more modern.

MFH says

Trends come, they go, they come back. Unfortunately for us, the curtains/centre parting look is back. For now.

I tried this and I looked awful but hats off to Cameron Dallas who really does suit this 90’s hairstyle!

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  • Keep the length all over, particularly in the front and the top.
  • The front needs to be bought forward, almost like a long fringe, but keep the hair separated in the styling.
  • This men’s hairstyle is all about the styling.
  • There needs to be a lot of texture in the top, with the hair defined and separated in the front.
  • The sides are slicked back by using a strong hold and high shine pomade or gel.



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