Paul Mescal: Wavy French Crop

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His role as Connell in Normal People garnered him gazillions of devoted fans – and Paul Mescal’s wavy french crop haircut means he can now count MFH as a fan too.


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Why We Love It:

Paul Mescal’s wavy french crop haircut is a relaxed, easy going look for anyone with fine, wave-tastic hair.

It shines a spotlight on the wavy texture of Paul’s hair and makes it look thicker, too.

Paul’s hair can sometimes look a bit unkempt and normcore if it’s not cut well. And as this is the best his hair has looked, this just shows the power of a good barber, no?


What To Ask Your Barber:

  • Paul Mescal’s wavy french crop haircut is about 1-1.5 inches on top.
  • It has a short, textured fringe.
  • The sides and back will need to be subtly tapered and blended in to the top.

Get The Look

  • Paul Mescal’s wavy french crop is all about encouraging the natural waves and texture.
  • For an everyday look, you can allow this to try naturally and scrunch in some sea salt spray as it dries if you want more obvious texture.
  • Or you can add in the sea salt spray and scrunch it as you blow dry it.
  • Run some soft clay or moulding paste through it once dry and ruffle it with your fingers.
  • Then brush the fringe forward and separate it a little to make it look piecey.
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