Skread: French Crop With Low Taper Fade

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Hip hop producer Skread’s French crop with low taper fade is the perfect look for the cool AF, well-connected Gallic muso.

MFH says

Although MFH doesn’t think he purposely went for a haircut that was named after his country of birth, Skread’s French crop with low taper fade has that typically pared-back-but-cool vibe our Gallic friends are renowned for. 

Interestingly, Skread (real name Matthieu Le Carpentier) actually means discreet in French. Clearly his hairstylist took that seriously. 

But hey, when you have mates like Burna Boy (Skread produced 23 from BB’s album Twice as Tall) and you co-wrote/produced the biggest French hip-hop album in decades (Civilisation by Orelsan) one imagines you need a relatively low-maintenance ‘do to enable all the jetsetting. 

A lifestyle choice MFH constantly aspires to… 

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  • If you’re keen on Skread’s French crop with low taper fade  your barber will first assess your hair texture, density and growth patterns and discuss the desired length with you. 
  • Using a clipper with the appropriate guard size, the barber will fade your hair on the back and sides of your head. 
  • For the low fade, the barber will start with clipper work around the neckline, just above your natural hairline. 
  • They’ll create the perfect ‘blend’ by working their way up with gentle upward motions, gradually transitioning from the longer guard size to a shorter one. 
  • Then your stylist will move to the sides, starting just above the ear and going up about an inch, using the technique of gradually decreasing the guard size to achieve the transition between the faded hair and the longer hair above. 
  • Your hairdresser will use scissors for the top of the hair to get the right length and texture. 
  • While the length will vary according to what you’ve discussed, the French crop is usually shorter at the front and gradually gets longer towards the crown. 
  • The barber may use a point cutting technique  to create texture and remove bulk from the hair.  
  • This basically means cutting hair at an angle, using the tips of the scissors. 
  • The fringe of a French crop is often quite short – Skread’s fringe is a barely-there choppy look. 
  • Skread’s French crop with low taper fade can be wash and go, or you can add extra texture with product. 
  • Try not to wash your hair more than 2-3 times a week if possible to preserve the condition and to stop it going fluffy. 
  • Apply this ANFOR texture volume spray to damp hair spritzing from roots to ends and let it dry naturally, ruffling it a little as it dries. 
  • When completely dry, add a tiny bit of pomade through it to enhance the texture (start with a half-a-5p sized amount – you can gradually increase it if necessary). 
  • If your fringe is piecey, add a little pomade to it to shape it and show off the choppy texture. 



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