Sebastian Stan: Medium Length 90s Inspired Hair

Sebastian Stan’s hair takes us back to the 90s with this longer look, complete with centre-parted curtains. Paired with facial hair, this style is effortlessly cool.
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Why We Love It:

MFH prefers Sebastian Stan’s hair when it’s much shorter as it doesn’t swamp his petite facial features, however, this medium-length 90s look with facial hair is more relaxed compared to his usual clean-cut style.

And the length means he can enjoy switching it up, too.

He could slick it back for a sharp red carpet look, style it in a half up/half down man bun like Stefanos Tsitsipas –  or he could change it up from a centre part to a side part  – it’s amazing how much a simple parting switch can change your look.

What To Ask Your Barber:

  • Sebastian’s fringe reaches his jawline, with the hair at the sides ever so slightly shorter.
  • At the back his hair is collar length.
  • Sebastian’s hair would have been very subtly layered/texturised to give it a little volume and movement.

Get The Look

  • Sebastian’s hair is naturally fairly straight, so that makes this look easy to style.
  • On damp hair, spritz some heat protector, then a golf-ball sized amount of volumising mousse through the roots.
  • Using a comb and your nose as a guide, part the hair in the centre.
  • Then dry the hair on medium heat, tousling it gently as you go, to give the hair a little bit of texture and movement.
  • Use your fingers to flip the hair out slightly at the ends as per Sebastian’s.
  • If you want to up the shine factor, spritz on a small amount of shine spray before you leave the house.
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