Michael Fassbender: Textured French Crop

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Michael Fassbender’s textured french crop is a classic.

And that micro fringe is a clever way to disguise slightly thinning hair, or a receding hairline, too, if you’re self-conscious.

MFH says

Michael Fassbender’s textured french crop is an easy care style.

And, if it’s cut well like Michael’s, it can also help to take attention away from a receding hairline.

While Michael’s hair might be a bit more flattering for his face with just a little more length – especially on the fringe, it does  help soften his features and gives him a more youthful vibe.

If it were a little longer, he could also play around with the texture more, too.

But MFH gets the feeling that Michael is probably a wash’n’go kinda guy, so this hairstyle is the perfect choice.

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  • Michael Fassbender’s textured french crop haircut is cut into choppy, textured layers throughout.
  • His look to be about half an inch, but discuss with your barber what length would be best for your hair type and face shape.
  • Michael also has a hort, textured fringe.
  • The sides and back will need to be subtly tapered and blended in to the top.
  • Or you could go for a fade at the sides for a more modern take.
  • Michael Fassbender’s textured french crop haircut won’t take much effort to style.
  • For an everyday look, you can allow this to try naturally and scrunch in some sea salt spray or theis ANFOR Texture Volume Spray as it dries if you want more obvious texture.
  • Or you can just let it dry, occasionally ruffling it.
  • When it’s dry, ruffle a small amount of matt clay throughout, and tousle it slightly with your fingers.
  • Brush the fringe forward with your fingers and separate it a little to make it look piecey.



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