Long And Wavy

This haircut is for you guys with long hair – particularly if it’s curly, and coarse. It will work for anyone who is thinking of growing their hair out; or looking to style what they have.

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Why We Love It:

This men’s haircut is so versatile. Wear it tucked behind the ears, slicked high and back, or pulled forward and stacked full of texture. Also perfect for guys looking to grow their hair even longer.

What To Ask Your Barber:

  • If you have naturally wavy/curly hair, make sure you ask the barber to work with your natural wave.
  • Hair should have some of the bulk removed, but the barber should avoid using thinning scissors – you want to emphasise the volume.
  • Make sure you use a barber who has experience with long hair.

Get The Look

  • As Luigi is growing it, Ben didn’t need to take too much length off. But in need of some TLC, he decided to remove some of the bulk – and hair which felt overly dry. 
  • Ben used the SachaJuan shampoo and conditioner – to moisturise and tame Luigi’s hair. 
  • For coarse and maybe even damaged hair, Ben advises using a moisturising hair mask once a week.
  • Ben started by prepping the hair with Bumble and bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Primer. This tames any frizz, softens and helps condition the hair – pre-cutting.
  • He isolated the underside of the hair, making horizontal sections through the front and a W section through the back. This creates a more irregular layering pattern. 
  • For the cut, Ben worked at the back, using scissors to create a square shape. Using the length that Luigi already had as his guide, Ben started to connect some of the layers. 
  • He then moved through the sides, overdirecting the hair back. This helped to keep a bit more weight in the style, so that Luigi was still able to tuck it behind his ears. 
  • Through the crown area – where Ben put his W section – he used a square technique in the layering, and kept it disconnected from the length on the underside, so the hair would sit neatly over the top. 
  • This technique works similarly to an undercut in that the shorter hairs will be flattened by the longer hair that sits over them. 
  • Into the top, Ben used the overdirecting technique again – pulling the hair all the way back to the crown. Doing this allowed Luigi more versatility in styling – being able to pull it back with enough length.
  • Ben went on to point cut the hair – to add movement, and give it a soft – and natural – finish. 
  • He didn’t overly texturise it, or take too much of the weight out so as to encourage the natural coarse texture and emphasise the volume. 
  • To finish the cut he used Wahl detailers to tidy behind the ears and onto the cheekline.
  • Before drying Luigi’s hair Ben applied Bumble and bumble’s grooming cream through the lengths of the hair. This helped to tame the hair and add some much-needed moisture. 
  • If you have long hair, it’s really best to stay away from oil-based products for styling, as they will sit heavily on the top of the hair. 
  • From there, he added a small amount of Murdock Hair Play – a soft putty – to add a light hold and natural sheen.
  • Ben used a diffuser to dry Luigi’s hair. This slows the flow of the hairdryer and gives it the effect of it drying naturally, but quicker. It also helps dry any styling product into the hair and creates more hold without making it too fluffy. 
  • To keep the hair flat, he finished by using the straight nozzle on the hairdryer. 
  • As Luigi is also growing out his beard, Ben tidied up the edges; and removed some of the stray hairs with a razor comb. 
  • Using detailers under the neckline, he kept it short and more natural. Any extremely sharp lines, with such a thick beard, would end up looking overdone.
  • He applied Murdock’s Beard Moisturiser through the beard. Being aloe-based, it and moisturises the hair, as well as the skin beneath. 
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