Apothecary 87 Clay Pomade

5.0 5 Star

Apothecary 87 Clay Pomade has been formulated as a hybrid styling product. It provides the typical matte finish and dry texture of a clay with the strong and lasting hold of a classic pomade. The vanilla and mango fragrance leaves hair with a fruity and sweet scent.

User Rating: 3

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Why We Love It:

Smells great and works like a dream. As an oil-based clay, the Apothecary 87. Clay glides into the hair and styles with ease. Build the hair up for volume or slick back for a more traditional look. It’s a product that I trust and love to use!

One word of warning, this product really does need shampoo to wash out!

How To Use

Warm a small amount of the clay between your hands. Apply product to the roots and work evenly, using your hands, throughout the hair. Style as desired.


Vanilla and Mango.

Key Benefits

  • Matte finish.
  • Firm hold.
  • Reworkable style.
  • Minimal shine.
  • Cruelty-free.
Packaging: 2 Star
Smell: 5 Star
Styling: 5 Star
Application: 4 Star
Finish: 5 Star
Washability: 1 Star
Hold: 4 Star
Shine Scale: 3 Star
Overall: 5 Star

Apothecary 87 Key Ingredients

  • Bees Wax
  • Lanolin
  • Kaolin Clay
  • Petroleum
  • Vitamin E

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  • Setty says:

    Hold is great will last all day
    Easy to apply
    Easy to style

    Smell is horrible and too potent. Who thought mango and vanilla pair well because they don’t. It interferes when I’m wearing fragrances since it’s too overwhelming.
    It’s a B*ITCH to remove. You will need to wash your hair 3x

    User Rating: 1
  • PDeL says:

    I really ike this product despite the fact that it doesn’t give me any hold and the style falls apart after two hours (my hair is pretty unruly). It does however make my hair feel really soft. I got it on offer on amazon at a really good price. I’d keep some on hand just for conditioning. Love the smell too

    User Rating: 2
  • Vega says:

    This is my new favorite clay. I’ve been using it for about two weeks now next to two other brands. This beat them both. Great hold with fantastic matt finish.

    User Rating: 5
  • Danny says:

    The product looks premium. The ingredients, the smell and the consistency are nice but the result is really disappointing. For me it doesn’t have the hold, volume or fullness of a clay.
    You do need to layer it to get just a little bit of hold but then my hair looks similar to before washing it. It’s not matte at all (as it advertises itself). I know it is oil-based but it has more than a slight shine, it’s straight up greasy. The only aspect that feels like a clay about it is that it gives texture, but it’s really not that desirable considering how oily it is. In the end the hair is left in strands.
    The application is super easy (ending up in very oily hands after emulsifying), and a few minutes after I’m done styling it feels really light regardless of how much I use. The fact that it’s not easy to wash it’s not really important to me if only it performed.
    The only time I was satisfied with this product was when I used another styling product (Moracconoil clay) before blow-drying. Any regular prestyler is like eaten alive and has no effect.

    It’s really curious how different the product feels between the reviews. I have a similar hair type as Robin and all the products I’m using are at his recommendation and I love them, They all work like a charm but I don’t understand this one.

    User Rating: 1
  • Vega says:

    Love this product! I like the smell, even though it’s not for everyone. But it’s unique. It hold good, but not easily washed. This brand is currently my favorite.

    User Rating: 5
  • Shubiniiice says:

    I agree with Robin on this one – it is probably the best oil-based product I have ever used. Smells amazing (I got the vanilla and mango scent), cool presentation overall, you can do whatever you want with your hair throughout the whole day and the hair just looks great.

    The only disadvantage is that it’s really hard to wash out

    User Rating: 5
  • AMG says:

    When I first started getting into hair styling products, Robin was the first content creator that I’ve watched and actually enjoyed. This is one of the products i’ve picked up due to his recommendations in his videos. I’ve had different results than what was shown in Robin’s video even though I believe our hair types are fairly similar. I have fine asian hair that is limp and hard to control. Anything to heavy would weigh it down and anything too light wouldn’t hold. The apothecary87 clay pomade has a really nice scent out of the products I’ve tried so far. The consistency is hella tough. Especially in the winter (good luck getting it out without warming it). Because it’s oiled based it does style really well. Instead of the product giving my hair volume and fullness, it left it in this really natural looking stranded look. I couldn’t layer it since the shine scale would just increase and the product was putting my hair in individual strands instead of making my hair look full. The product wouldn’t hold throughout the day but one good thing I guess was that it felt like nothing was in my hair. Lastly, hard as f*ck to wash out. Multiple shampoo rinses.

    User Rating: 2

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