Textured Quiff With High Hold

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If you want a quiff hairstyle that will stay up all day; and a haircut full of texture and big volume, this men’s haircut and style is for you.

MFH says

This is the perfect men’s hairstyle for guys who want volume and texture but without having to go for the extreme skin fade, long top. Short, neat and tidy around the back and sides with huge, gravity-defying volume on top.

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  • Softer sides.
  • Working and blending up to the curvature of the head, removing any heavy weight line.
  • Keep the length long on the top so plenty of texture can be built in.
  • During the consultation, Anthony decided he would take out some of the heavy weight in the sides of the hair. This would keep it looking neat and give Benjamin more time before he needs it cut again.
  • After shampooing and conditioning the hair, Anthony sectioned the back and sides from the top. He used pivoting radials (like orange segments) around the crown so that, as he cut the hair, it would sit flat through the back.
  • He then created horizontal sections on the sides; and gave them a very light trim using the scissors. This would allow Benjamin to play with the length when he was styling for himself.
  • Anthony decided to cut the hair in a square shape, just to give the resulting hairstyle more dynamic.
  • He started by taking a profile section (which is the line down the centre). He then cut from the shortest hair at the crown, towards the longer hair at the fringe.
  • He over-directed the hair – pulling it back on itself – to the previous section just to keep more of that length through the front.
  • Once Anthony was happy with this base shape, he tidied up the hairline just to get rid of any loose hairs.
  • He then dried the hair, starting with a flat brush to flatten the sides and start to add direction to the hair. He used a round brush in the front to elevate the fringe and give it a bit more volume. This would create the foundation for styling.
  • To finish the cut, and to add plenty of texture, Anthony went in with a point cutting technique. This helps to break up any heavy sections of hair, which are more obvious with thick hair like Benjamins. This technique, along with Anthony’s signature twist cutting technique helps to remove any unnecessary weight from the hair whilst adding loads of texture.
  • Into styling, Anthony used Hanz De Fuko’s Two Ton Styling Cream. This works really well with thick hair, like Benjamin’s. It has a very strong hold and leaves a matte finish.
  • He worked a decent amount into the lengths of the hair, paying particular attention to the fringe as this is the focal point of this style.
  • You’ll see that he played with the tips of the hair to create the desired final look.



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