Hanz de Fuko Claymation

Claymation is a hybrid product that works as both a clay and a wax. As Hanz De Fuko‘s hero product, Claymation offers a super high hold whilst actually nourishing the hair from root to tip, using natural ingredients.

Packaging: 4 Star
Smell: 4 Star
Styling: 5 Star
Application: 5 Star
Finish: 5 Star
Washability: 4 Star
Hold: 4 Star
Shine Scale: 2 Star
Overall: 5 Star

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MFH says

Claymation contains all natural ingredients which means it is actually good for your hair, providing powerful all day nourishment from roots to your ends.

My favourite of the Hanz De Fuko products. It’s easy to use and gives a great hold. Use with a pre-styler to boost the hair and get it set for styling.


How To Use

Start with a pea-sized amount and spread it evenly across one of your palms. Rub your hands together to activate and warm the product. Once the clay is smooth, distribute through your dry hair until you get the relaxed, textured hairstyle desired. Apply more product as needed.

Key Benefits

  • Supreme high hold.
  • Natural matte finish.
  • Water soluble.

Hanz De Fuko Claymation Key Ingredients

JOJOBA SEED OIL – closely matches the scalp’s own natural sebum helping to break up and prevent clogged pores and reducing the over production of sebum.

CASTOR SEED OIL – protects the scalp and hair from microbial and fungal infections, the two prime causes of hair loss. In addition, the fatty acids nourish the hair preventing the scalp from drying by retaining moisture.

CERTIFIED ORGANIC HAIR CARE BLEND – Mallow Flower, Lemon Peel, Burdock Root, and Horsetail Fern extract add to the conditioning properties of the product.


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