Eddie Redmayne: Heavily Textured Brushed Forward Hairstyle

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Eddie Redmayne is blessed with a thick thatch – and this heavily textured, brushed forward hairstyle not only suits Eddie’s fulsome hair, but his boyish looks too.

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Why We Love It:

Eddie Redmayne’s heavily textured, brushed forward hairstyle is a fun, boyish look that works well with his revamped, more edgy red carpet fashion style.

But like all celebs, Eddie’s hair gets a little help from the professionals.

And MFH has found some great tips from celebrity groomer Amy Komorowski (who has worked Eddie alongside loads of other stars from Evan Mock, to Adam Driver, Andrew Garfield, Joe Jonas and Oscar Isaac).

Speaking to Menshealth.com she had some great insight into how to work with your hair if it’s getting thinner.

“If you have thinning hair or want more volume, never use a pomade,” she advised.

It’s too heavy and will just weigh your hair down. Use a thickening spray on damp hair and then blow dry it—it will give it some oomph.

Then style it with only matte products like a matte paste. Matte products will make your hair look thicker.”

And when it comes to using product, she urges everyone to start with just a little – aka a fingertip sized amount – because you can build up if you need more.

“Rub it in your hands to warm it up and break the product down. You don’t want to be able to see it on your palms,” she advised.

“Then run it through your hair. Make sure you get everywhere—the front, sides and back.

Especially if you have short hair, you don’t want to just add it to one section. I usually start at the front and work back.”

Sound advice.

What To Ask Your Barber:

  • Eddie Redmayne’s heavily textured, brushed forward hairstyle cut shorter at the sides and slightly longer at the back.
  • The hair is longer on the top and has probably been deep point cut to that that texture.
  • Eddie’s hair is very thick, so his stylist would have removed a lot of weight from his hair.
  • To keep the texture easy to play with and style, and not get too long and floppy, you’ll need to get the cut freshened up every four weeks or so.

Get The Look

  • Eddie Redmayne’s heavily textured, brushed forward hairstyle is all about having fun with that texture.
  • Use dry shampoo in between washes to give it that gritty texture.
  • When you wash it, spritz damp hair with a sea salt spray first.
  • As you dry it, brush the hair forward from the back.
  • Then use a tiny amount of matt clay or similar (warming it between the fingers first).
  • Tousle the hair at the top of the head with the product.
  • You can also use a texture spray to give a little more lift and hold.
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