Bobby Cannavale: Modern Textured Pompadour

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He’s the star of Netflix thriller The Watcher, and MFH is seriously style stalking Bobby Cannavale’s modern, textured, pompadour and picking up some tips.

It’s got such a modern Elvis vibe, MFH is all shook up. (Sorry).

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Why We Love It:

Bobby Cannavale’s modern, textured, pompadour is more than just a hairstyle to him – it’s a lifestyle.

So much so, that he starred in a short film, Hair, which debuted at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2017.

“I can’t just have anybody doing my hair. I need my guy!” he says in the film.

“I need Harry. I can’t just have anybody doing my hair, it’s very particular my hair. My hair is nuts bro. This took me like 20 minutes – each side to do this – with my special Harry hair dryer.”

MFH hears you, Bob.

The Harry he is referring to? A certain superstylist called Harry Josh – who also tends to the glossy tresses of Bobby’s partner, actress Rose Byrne, too.

What To Ask Your Barber:

  • Bobby Cannavale’s modern, textured, pompadour is a scissor cut that’s all about volume, with a little texture.
  • Your stylist will need to leave length on the top and front of the head (Bobby’s hair looks to be around 2-3 inches)
  • The sides and back of the hair are gently tapered to make the pompadour the star of the show.

Get The Look

  • Bobby Cannavale’s modern, textured, pompadour takes a bit of effort to style.
  • Add a golf ball sized amount of volumising mousse from roots to ends of the hair at the top of the head.
  • Then spritz a little sea-salt spray onto damp hair for some grit/texture.
  • Blow dry the hair up and over at the fringe and sides using a vent brush.
  • Apply a small amount of matt, firm hold clay or putty for extra definition/texture.
  • Pull one lock of hair down to the forehead, Elvis style.
  • Finish by spraying hair with a firm hold hairspray to keep the style in place.
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