Evan Mock: Pink Buzz Cut

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Star of the Gossip Girl reboot, he plays Aki Menzies, Evan Mock’s pink buzz cut is serious talking-point hair. A pretty punk look for grown-up skater boys.

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Why We Love It:

Sure, this look isn’t for everyone, but Evan Mock’s pink buzz cut had real standout on the Met Gala’s red carpet. A pretty amazing feat considering the wow factor guests all around him!

But Evan actually had his punk-ish pink hair way before Gossip Girl – he dyed it after losing a bet with friends and clearly liked it so much it became a keeper. Conveniently for him, as it suits his GG character, he was allowed to keep it for filming.

Although it’s an easy-to-style look, the colour and cut need serious maintenance. FYI: Evan has his buzzed and coloured weekly.

It doesn’t stop us loving this cool AF skater-boy-meets-high-fashion look, though.

What To Ask Your Barber:

  • Unless you’re a natural platinum blonde, you’ll need to get your hair bleached
  • Evan’s ‘pearl pink’ colour was created especially by his hairstylist, Jackson Heller. So it’s crucial to discuss tones with your hairdresser before committing to choose a shade that best suits your skin and eye colour.
  • In these pics Evan’s hair is a slightly grown-out buzz cut. This is is around a No 6 on the clippers. But he usually wears it a lot shorter – around a 3 or 4. Keeping it shorter is better for overall hair condition if you’re bleaching it regularly.

Get The Look

  • You won’t need to worry about styling – it’s maintaining the colour that’s going to require dedication of time – and money!
  • As Evan’s hair is naturally dark, his hairstylist bleaches and buzz cuts his hair and adds the pink colour every week. This keeps it looking on point and regrowth at bay.
  • If you don’t have a stylist on tap like Evan (who does?), colour fade will also be an issue – ask your colourist if they can blend some toner for top-ups that you can buy to use every week or fortnight which can help maintain the look, but without damaging your hair.
  • Try not to wash your hair every day. And use colour-preserving shampoos and conditioners when you do. Make sure you rinse with cool water: hot water opens the hair cuticle which can cause colour to seep out.
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