Oscar Isaac: Quiff With Short Back And Sides And Taper

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Dashing, dapper, debonair – and that’s just how we’d describe Oscar Isaac’s quiff with short back and sides and taper. Plus, his suave look is reminiscent of a Cuban Cary Grant – and we’re here for that.

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Why We Love It:

Although MFH loves it when his hairstyle shows off his natural, thick, curls, Oscar Isaac’s quiff with short back and sides and taper is the perfect, polished, red carpet look for the Screen Actors Guild Awards.

The Guatemalan-born actor is not only steadily building up an A-list career – with roles as Poe Dameron in Star Wars, Nathan in Ex Machina and Duke Leto Atreides in Dune, to name a few – but Oscar’s classic hairstyles have also garnered some rave reviews amongst fans – and superstars.

Though apparently, while filming Star Wars the producers didn’t want Oscar’s hair to look too curly (shame!) so there was a lot of coiffing that had to be done to tame his bonce.

That meant Oscar’s hair ended up looking so picture perfect that co-star Harrison Ford refused to believe it wasn’t a wig. When Oscar ‘fessed up that it was, in fact, his real hair, Mr Ford was in utter disbelief.

As for his face topiary? A professional groomer told GQ recently, “The beauty of his beard is that it’s a natural color, so he embraces his gray.”

MFH can’t help but agree.


What To Ask Your Barber:

  • For Oscar Isaac’s quiff with short back and sides and taper you’ll want it cut short around the sides and back and and tapered gradually.
  • You’ll need more length at the the front and on top so that you can style it into a small quiff like Oscar’s hair.
  • Get your barber to point cut to add texture through the top of the hair, too.

Get The Look

  • Oscar Isaac’s quiff with short back and sides and taper is short enough that it shouldn’t take too much effort to style it.
  • After washing, take a little wax or clay into your hands and rub together.
  • Lightly brush through the hair. Work back to front, and then front to back to ensure it’s worked throughout hair.
  • Work your hands through your hair, teasing the hair up into a quiff.
  • You can also use a hairdryer on medium heat and tease the quiff up using a vent brush for more oomph.
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