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David Beckham's Hairstyle History

We countdown David Beckham’s top 5 hairstyles from over the years.

From the man bun to a shaved head, David Beckham has been on quite the hair adventure! Some looks should stay firmly in the archives (those braids, really David?!)  but the world’s most famous footballer deserves a medal for services to hairstyles. He’s not afraid to take a risk – and for that Man For Himself applauds him.

david-beckham-shaved-head-hairstyle-haircut-man-for-himself-ft.jpg Image credit - Instagram @brooklynbeckham

5. Shaved head 

David Beckham first rocked a shaved head early on in his footballing career but he revisited again early on during the covid-19 lockdown.

The footballer is lucky to have great bone structure and let’s face it a very handsome face. You can’t hide any flaws when you’ve got a shaved head!

Want to try the look yourself? Always go to a pro – they’ll be able to advise if you have the right shaped head for it and how to short to take your buzz. Got a lumpy and bumpy scalp? Maybe think twice about this look. And remember to always keep your scalp hydrated!

Although it’s a solid look and we like the drama of it, it’s not our favourite Beckham style. (Keep scrolling to find out what is!)

david-beckham-medium-length-hairstyle-1200-GettyImages-857409034 Image credit - Jun Sato/WireImage

4. Long hair with centre parting

Becks rocked a longer look up to 2018. It looks great with his natural (?) blonde colour and we like the groomed centre parting. It does verge on the side of ‘too slick’ for MFH’s liking though.

It’s a good style for those with straight hair with plenty of volume. Think carefully if you’ve got thin hair or very curly hair as it might not work for your hair type. Your barber will achieve this long look with scissors – it’s a good idea to ask for some shaping around your jawline to make this look flattering.

Style with a mousse (just a touch before blow drying) to add a bit of volume to the look and keep the style in place with a hairspray and / or clay – especially on the ends to get that Beckham flick!

david-beckham-man-bun-hairstyle-1200 Suhaimi Abdullah/Getty Images

3. Man bun

Love it or loathe it, once David Beckham sported a man bun the whole world followed suit. Somehow he made the notoriously casual look both chic and groomed.

But not every guy can! Approach this look with caution. Yes it made our top 5 David Beckham hairstyles, but it should really only be tempted by those with impeccable styling skills because it can easily veer into greasy, unkempt territory.

Long hair needs a decent cleansing and conditioning routine so invest in a hydrating and nourishing shampoo and conditioner. If you’ve got dry ends, think about an intensive treatment once a week.

david-beckham-swept-back-quiff hairstyle Anthony Harvey/Getty Images

2. Swept back quiff

This swept back quiff was a big hit when David debuted it back in 2015. And it’s totally wearable in 2021 – five years later. That’s the sign of a classic style, right there!

A swept back look is a good choice for guys with thinning hair as you can add volume and height with texture powder. If you’ve got thicker hair this style comes into its own when it’s styled with pomade for a high shine slicked back look.


david-beckham-short-cropped-textured-hairstyle-haircut-man-for-himself-ft.jpg Samir Hussein/Samir Hussein/WireImage

1. Short, cropped and textured

This is the style that David comes back to time and time again. Short, choppy but incredibly dapper.

Let’s face it, David Beckham can pretty much pull off any haircut, but this is a classic style and looks great with any sort of facial hair.

Good news for those looking to emulate this look – it’s universally flattering. Style with powder, clay, anything to give a matte finish and lots of hold!

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