Reuzel Pink Heavy Hold Pomade

Create a variety of classic looks with Reuzel’s Pink Pomade. It has a wax and grease based formula which enables you to style your hair with ease, proving a heavy/high hold with a medium shine.

User Rating: 5

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MFH says

One of my absolute favourite grease pomades. Great for the traditional pomp; but be warned as it’s not so great for washability. This will require using shampoo two to three times, before it is fully removed.

The Reuzel Pink Pomade smells delicious with a fragrance of classic apple and salsa. Use it to create the perfect pompadour or quiff.

How To Use

  • Apply to dry or towel-dried hair.
  • Warm up a reasonable amount between your palms and emulsify.
  • Apply evenly to the roots and work towards the ends.
  • Comb into your preferred style.

Recommended For

  • Thick and coarse hair.
  • Tough to manage / unruly hair.


  • Heavy/strong hold and as strong as a gel.
  • Medium shine.
  • Wax and oil based formula.
  • Controls even the thickest most unruly hair.
  • Keeps hair in place all day.
  • Traditional pomme fragrance with a hint of salsa.



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  • I just bought this because I have very thick hair and my stylist recommended it but I was never too keen on shine, but he changed that in a second!

    User Rating: 5
  • Franklin says:

    Great and strong oil based pomade. Scent is quite sweet and reminds me of sugar/ candy. Reuzel is made in Holland (where I’m from) and they have quite a range of products nowadays. I especially like their grooming tonic as a pre-styler. However for styling purposes the pink Reuzel is definitely my favorite. It is very hard to wash out though.. Also the product leaves a residue on your hands (wash your hands with warm water followed-up by using a tower to scrub your hands clean). In my opinion the pink Reuzel is not really suited if you are looking for a very smooth en slicked-back hairstyle, as it is so tough. I switched to a cream product that is easier to style with by using a comb.

    User Rating: 4

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