Bumble and bumble Thickening Full Form Mousse

4.04 Star

This heat-protective mousse gives the same volume you love, but with a new, moisturising formula – for a soft, cushiony (crunch-free) feel. This mousse is suitable for all hair types and different textures, it contains lightweight conditioners that work to keep the hair flexible.

User Rating: 2

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Why We Love It:

One of my favourite mousse products. Big quiffs start here! It’s pricey, but if you have the cash, invest.

Who’s It For?

  • Density: fine to medium.
  • Texture: straight to wavy.
  • Type: normal.
Finish: 5 Star
Washability: 5 Star
Hold: 3 Star
Overall: 4 Star

Key Ingredients

Vp/Va Copolymer: provides light-to-medium hold.
Panthenol (Pro-Vitamin B5): helps condition.

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  • Party Bottle says:

    I have given this mousse a full three weeks before posting this review because I want to love this product but it simply does not work for me the way it should. Let’s start off with the positive; it smells great and washes out extremely well. The problem I have is with the price more than anything. If this was a $5-10 mousse I would give it four stars, it works just enough at that price range for me to be okay with it. At the $30+ I spent in the U.S. it is a horrid product.

    I have the same type of hair as Robin, let me run down the ways I have tried this product.

    Bumble, Claymation, no hairspray.
    Bumble, Claymation, hairspray.
    Bumble, Sumotech, hairspray.
    Bumble, Sumotech, no hairspray.
    Bumble, Label M Matt Paste, no hairspray.
    Bumble, Label M Matt Paste, hairspray.
    Bumble (mixed with Aveda), the above six.
    Bumble (mixed with sea salt), the above six.

    In nearly every attempt by 1pm central time my hair is toast, falling down and constantly shifting it around. The closest to good hold was Claymation and hairspray but I give that more to Hanz than the Bumble. The mousse simply does not plump up the way it should. In fact I tried the above sequences with a cheap Got2B mousse my fiance owns and it worked better.

    Sorry for the long review, but if I am dropping a two star on a product I wanted to fully break it down for everyone!

    User Rating: 2
    • Robin James says:

      So helpful to have your review. Thank you. I’m sure it will help other guys on here too.

    • Temper says:

      This is not a product problem.
      You have to be smart and make the best choices for yourself.
      I see people whose hair is standing on end from one sea salt + blow drying. I am amazed! What styling I have not tried, nothing helps the hair stick up without the use of varnish. Because my hair is thin and weak.
      For my styling, the best choices are mousse and hairspray. Or just mousse, it adds a lot of volume, but does not always work perfectly. And I don’t like that bangs constantly fall on my eyes. I would like to add a finish there, but I can’t. After the mousse, using something else is very dangerous for the hair. If you want a finish, then tonic aveda is better, instead of mousse.
      I’m a guy with 4 inches of hair.
      I would really like to have a natural look, use one sea salt and run on business, but, unfortunately, my hair does not hold such a style for more than an hour, my hair practically falls, as if there is nothing on it. Only mousse and varnish can create a dream hairstyle, and this is destructive for the hair.
      Here you have to compromise. Take care of your hair 5 days a week and do not use rough means, and the rest can be party in full 🙂
      Remember, always being beautiful is boring too.
      You always want something new, so don’t get hung up.
      I did cool styling with mousse and varnish almost every day to work for a whole year, I’m tired of it.
      I stopped seeing beauty in it. Although many people notice that it looks amazing. However, my view of myself is more important to me than someone else’s.
      Let’s get back to the topic. From the same mousse, my hair either lasts all day and shines, and sometimes it immediately falls off and looks faded.
      The problem is in the hair itself, I realized this when after a night with burdock oil on my head I woke up, did styling mousse, and my hair became amazing, shone and stayed up all day!
      I and many are not lucky genetically to have strong and thick hair, and thin hair is not able to hold on on its own without PVP, no matter what you stuff it with.
      And you probably kill them yourself every day.
      I advise you to cut off all your hair and re-grow it in burdock oil and drink vitamins. I also recommend removing makeup from your hair at night.
      4 easy steps will help you achieve amazing effect!
      1 – Love yourself with a minimum of styling. Use mainly hairpins, headbands, it all looks beautiful too. And only on a special day – allow yourself a beautiful styling 🙂
      2 – Do not use coarse styling often.
      3 – Wash it off at night with a good moisturizing and caring shampoo.
      4 – Nourish hair with argan, burdock, bay, amla oils.

      All of this will give your hair the strength to keep it in the right direction, even the worst hair can look beautiful. Unfortunately, it will not work to make hair thicker forever, this is a genetic issue.
      However, you can use oils, I conducted an experiment: I completely shaved 1 of 2 eyebrows and grew it again, every day applying and not washing off (for the whole day) the oils indicated above. The hair has grown at least x1,5 times thicker.
      It doesn’t work like that on the head, it’s trite because the oil cannot be worn on the hair forever. But the more often you use it, the better your new hair will grow.

    • Temper says:

      Also, the hair can be quite thick, but too dry or too oily.
      Because of this, there can also be problems with styling.
      Make an appointment with the clinic, have your hair diagnosed and ask for advice.

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