Ingrown hairs and acne around the jawline and neck?

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joshferry asked 2 years ago

Anyone have any good tips on how to prevent ingrown hairs and acne on my neck and jawline? I use Anthony Ingrown Hair Treatment, wash my face twice a day, exfoliate twice a week, etc.. I follow all typical steps with cleansing and such, I eat well and drink tons of water, never touch my face, yet I get acne and ingrown hairs in said areas, and only in said areas. I have run out of ideas on how to prevent and treat this. Any tips or suggestions?

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ritchie answered 2 years ago

I also struggle with this, I find they are worst the moreoften I shave and particularly bad if I dont use a new blade. So I have come to shave less, and shift themindset to really take pleasure in removing them

Benjamin White answered 2 years ago

Hi Josh, 

Does this occur when shaving? or just daily? as it can have an issue with a multiple bladed razor which can be altered with a safety razor / single blade razor if its daily unfortunately I can’t really offer much more advice than check your diet as eating has a lot to do with breakouts unfortunately other than that its all I can offer in the way of advice!