Billy Magnussen: Side Parted Hair With Long Fringe

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Though Billy Magnussen plays a villain in the remake Road House, his boyish haircut with side-part and long fringe has a 90s throwback, boy-next-door vibe.

MFH loves the contradiction…

MFH says

You might recognise Billy Magnussen from Bond film No Time To Die, Sopranos prequel The Saints of Newark and most recently as a villain in the Road House remake with Jake Gyllenhaal which is on Amazon Prime.

As well as his acting chops, MFH is a big fan of his 90s throwback hairdo, with its side-part and long fringe.

It’s a style he rocks in a myriad of ways – whether styled into a more polished quiff, slicked back, or even parted in the centre, curtain style (another 90s fave that’s been doing the rounds of celebrities for a few years).

A versatile hairstyle for a versatile actor. Love.


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  • If you’re keen on Billy’s hairstyle with long fringe and that 90s throwback vibe, start by showing your barber/stylist photos of styles you like.
  • Billy’s hair looks to be around 3-4 inches long on top.
  • His hairdresser has tapered the hair quite tightly around his ears and the nape of the neck, leaving a bit more length at the middle area on the sides.
  • This has been blended seamlessly into the longer hair on the top of the head.
  • The watch-out with this type of hairstyle is that it can look a bit limp when it gets longer, especially if your hair is super fine.
  • So chat to your barber about getting some subtle layers/texture to enable easier styling.
  • Billy’s hairstyle can be as polished or casual as you like.
  • In this photo he’s gone for a more relaxed look, allowing his long fringe to be floppy.
  • Simply wash and use a light conditioner on the hair, then use a heat protector spray.
  • Part the hair on the side you prefer with a comb, then blow dry on medium heat.
  • When dry, apply a very tiny bit of lightweight pomade.
  • Warm it between your fingers first, and push the fringe up very slightly like Billy’s.
  • Then, using any leftover product on your fingers, pull down a strand of hair and curl it around onto your forehead.



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