Bill Nighy: Grey Swept Back Hairstyle

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Fall in love, actually, with actor Bill Nighy’s classic side-parted style.

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Why We Love It:

Bill Nighy’s grey swept back hairstyle has stood the test of time for a reason – it’s a chic, classic look that suits the beloved actor to a tee.

The star of Love Actually, Living and About Time also gives a masterclass in the soft side part, which allows for that iconic sweep.

Healthy, smooth hair is the secret to this style, so prioritise nourishing products with that in mind.

Oh, and you might want to pick up a silver shampoo and conditioner, too. These help to strengthen natural and artificially grey hair while counteracting any brassiness that can develop.

What To Ask Your Barber:

  • For Bill Nighy’s grey swept back hairstyle, ask for a medium-length scissor cut with a fair bit of length left on top.
  • The actor’s hair falls to around collar length at the back; the sides are long enough to sweep back behind his ears.
  • Your barber may use techniques including scissor-over-comb and point-cutting to create shape and a softer finish.
  • Not sure which way to go with your side part? Check in with your barber, but as a starting point: comb your hair forwards when damp and leave it for a few seconds, then see which side of your head your hair naturally starts to separate on.

Get The Look

  • Styling a look like Bill Nighy’s grey swept back hair is all about keeping your strands soft, smooth and healthy – look for nourishing, gentle products including a sulphate-free shampoo.
  • Create your side part with a comb, then warm a pea-sized-amount of lightweight matte- or natural-finish styling product between your hands.
  • Work it through your hair, before loosely sweeping it back off your face using your hands and the comb if needed.
  • Style the longer side of your part slightly over to the side, and you’re good to go.
  • Look after grey hair by using a silver shampoo and conditioner once a week or whenever it starts to appear brassy.
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