Parfums de Marly Haltane x Harrods

3.0 3 Star

“Haltane is an original scent of both light and shadow, a contrasted journey of the senses through tradition and innovation, and a perfect balance of sophistication and freshness.”

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Why We Love It:

Parfums de Marly Haltane is everything you’d expect from a Harrods exclusive – smoky, decadent, rich… and really bloody expensive!

Lets’ start with the good stuff. The performance of the EDP is great, both in terms of projection and longevity, leaving a warmy leathery base on the skin.

But my real issue with this release, however, is the price point. The usual Parfums de Marly fragrances retail for around £200 for 125ml – still punchy in terms of pricing, but perfectly straddling that fine line of luxury and aspiration. But that extra £100 just to say you’ve bought it from Harrods just doesn’t really cut it for me, unfortunately.

If you’ve got an endless amount of cash and are excited by exclusive launches, you’ll love this one. But if you’re looking to get a little more for your money, I’d try Herod by PDM or maybe even Kalan.

Parfums de Marly Haltane x Harrods Notes

  • Top notes: Bergamot, lavender, clary sage
  • Heart notes: Saffron, cedarwood, praline, elder wood
  • Base notes: Patchouli, vetiver, musk, leather, natural agarwood

What They Say

One look at the green and gold bottle is all you need to recognise this Parfums de Marly fragrance as a Harrods exclusive. Haltane takes traditional aromatic woods to their limit to reveal a surprising burst of sensations. Its bright freshness and herbal top notes quickly yield a warm and smooth sense of leather with a symphony of precious woods. Soft and rich, escorted by saffron, the praline accord is an ultra-modern spin on mythical Oud wood. Natural agarwood emerges in this veil of contrasts and signs the skin with a refined and luminous imprint and an enduring comfort. A sensual privilege.

Packaging: 4 Star
Smell: 3 Star
Sillage: 4 Star
Longevity: 4 Star
Value: 3 Star
Overall: 3 Star

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