George Russell: 90s Style Curtain Haircut

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The British F1 driver for Mercedes is causing as much of a stir for his clean-shaven style and 90s boyband hairstyle with that curtain fringe, as for his skills behind the wheel.

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Why We Love It:

With the search term “George Russell new hair” having 45.8m views, you can safely say the F1 driver’s 90s throwback curtain haircut is racing up the most-wanted lists at salons everywhere.

It’s obviously a good cut – and he’s blessed with thick hair with lots of body, because his barnet still looks great even when it’s sweaty and slightly mussed up after removing his helmet.

And, endearingly, despite his success behind the wheel, he’s a man who likes simple hair products.

On instagram account, @teamgeorgerussell, he talks about how a friend of his doesn’t wash his hair, and apparently after two weeks it “rejuvenates itself”.

George tried it for 10 days and admitted: “it was horrendous. So I’m a Head and Shoulders man.”

Also chatting to GQ about 10 things he can’t live without, he says that when he travels, which is obviously often: “I always take my trusted shampoo, my hair gel – that’s actually clay – and my Gillette razor.

“I like to take good care of myself.”

He also admitted he started changing up his hair last year. “Which was a new thing for me,” he admitted. “I had the same hairstyle for about 15 years, which was cut by my mum!”

Not wanting to diss Mrs Russell, but…George’s new vibe is definitely a glow-up.


What To Ask Your Barber:

  • Keen on George Russell’s short 90s inspired hairstyle?
  • Ask your barber about the best approach for your hair type. If yours is curly or wavy, for example, it might be better to keep a bit more length on top.
  • George’s cut looks to be tapered at the sides, and to the nape of his neck at the back.
  • His hair is centre-parted, with the curtain fringe around brow length.

Get The Look

  • For George Russell’s hairstyle, create a centre part using a comb and your nose as a guideline.
  • Run a golf-ball-sized amount of volumising mousse, or a few spritzes of texture spray, through towel-dried hair using your fingers.
  • Blow dry your hair, using your hands to push the curtains upwards to create volume and texture.
  • Warm a pea-sized amount of styling clay, wax or pomade in your hands and run it through your hair for a tousled, photo-ready finish.
  • Keep that part looking sharp by looking after the skin on your scalp, especially if you regularly use dry shampoo and other styling products. Tailored treatments, like a scalp scrub, can give yours some TLC.
  • Bonus tip for added shine: after washing and conditioning your hair, run it under cold water to finish.
  • While the scientific jury is still out, there’s a theory that cold water makes hair cuticles lie flatter so they reflect more light and your strands seem shinier.
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