Boy De Chanel Anti-Shine Toning Solution

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Addressing the three main skincare concerns for men: shine control, dehydration and discomfort caused by shaving.

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Why We Love It:

Use after cleansing and before you go on to use a serum and moisturiser.

A light and quickly absorbed solution, the Boy De Chanel Anti-Shine Toning Lotion is a great solution to oily or shiny skin.

As someone with an oily t-zone (forehead and down my nose), the lotion mattified my skin and reduced the look of pores. It leaves my skin feeling refreshed and hydrated and does not tighten it.

It’s pricy, but it’s great. If you like Boy De Chanel products, you also need to try the Fortifying Gel Moisturiser.


What They Say

Men’s skin can sometimes be oily and subject to shine and imperfections. It is also weakened on a regular basis by either all-over shaving or beard shaping. That’s why CHANEL Research has specially created BOY DE CHANEL ANTI-SHINE TONING LOTION, to meet the needs of men’s skin.


From the first application the skin feels perfectly hydrated, supple and comfortable. The complexion looks fresh, even and shine-free:
– Mattifying effect: + 105 %*
– Comfort: + 28 %**
– Fresh feeling: + 46 %**

After 2 weeks of use, shine appears diminished, pores seem less apparent and imperfections seem reduced:
– Even skin: + 25 %***
– Appearance of imperfections: – 20 %***

The skin looks more even, the complexion looks natural and luminous.

*Clinical evaluation of 22 men by a trained evaluator, immediately after the first use.
**Self-evaluation by 22 men after the first use.
***Clinical evaluation of 22 men by a trained evaluator, after 2 weeks of use.

Dermatologically tested on all skin types, particularly oily skin and Asian skin.


In its simple, elegant packaging, the gel formula is enriched with hyaluronic acid, antioxidant Costa Rican green coffee extract and light mattifying powders.

  • Hyaluronic acid hydrates the skin intensely, providing instant bounce and all-day comfort. It is combined with allantoin and an ultra-fresh texture to soothe and refresh the skin, particularly after shaving.
  • Costa Rican green coffee, recognised for its antioxidant properties, provides the skin with lasting protection from daily aggressors.
  • In addition, light, natural, ultra-fine powders enable excess sebum to be absorbed instantly, neutralizing shine and blurring imperfections.

How To Use

Morning and/or night, on clean skin.
Dispense BOY DE CHANEL ANTI-SHINE TONING LOTION into the palm of your hand. Rub your hands together then apply to the entire face and neck using the palms of your hands. For beards, apply product in the direction of hair growth.

Finish by lightly pressing both hands to the cheeks, forehead and chin for complete absorption of the lotion.

Use on its own or follow with BOY DE CHANEL moisturizing gel for even more comfort, and stronger skin, day after day.

Tip: this lid-free bottle opens via its Twist and Slide capsule, which can be turned with a simple movement of the finger. To close it, simply turn the lid slightly with a finger

Packaging: 5 Star
Smell: 3 Star
Finish: 5 Star
Value: 3 Star
Shine Scale: 1 Star
Quality: 5 Star
Overall: 5 Star


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