Jacob Elordi: Tousled Textured Hairstyle With Thick Fringe

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Euphoria actor, Jacob Elordi, has become quite the style icon for Gen Z recently – and this tousled, textured hairstyle with thick fringe also has the kind of slightly mullet-esque vibe that’s going to win him even more fans.

MFH says

Euphoria’s Jacob Elordi has come over all high fashion with his tousled, textured hairstyle with thick fringe.

He has had his normally side-swept fringe chopped into a full fringe and made that the centrepiece of the new hairstyle.

The length on top has been textured to give it that artfully tousled look he’s so good at rocking.

Sure, he could have embraced the mullet look a bit more, but this is still a stand out, modern hairstyle and MFH is sure it will be on many people’s Most Wanted lists.

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  • For Jacob Elordi’s  tousled, textured hairstyle with thick fringe  you need to have collar length hair.
  • The hair will need to be textured on top and it’s likely your stylist will used the scissor over comb technique.
  • Jacob’s hair is cut shorter at the sides, and then is kept longer at the back for that soft mullet shape.
  • Jacob’s hair has lots of natural movement, thanks to the texture that has been cut into it.
  • Wash and condition hair using nourishing products that encourage shine.
  • But ensure that your conditioner is light and doesn’t weigh down the hair.
  • If you want to wash and go, spritz some sea salt spray on it, and give it a bit of a scrunch as it dries.
  • Or use a hairdryer on a low heat, and gently brush the hair forward at the top and sides as you dry it.
  • When dry, rub a pea-sized amount of a shiny clay, wax, pomade – whatever you like best in your hair – between your fingers.
  • Then tousle your hair with it to enhance the texture.
  • Spritz it with some hairspray if you want to lock the style in a bit more.
  • Use dry shampoo between washes to freshen it, and give it some extra grit which is great for texture.



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