Best skincare brand in eu?

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Henri asked 2 years ago

I’d use Tiege Hanley but it’s not available in eu, and ordering from elsewhere will be very expensive with the custom fees and shippings.

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Benjamin White answered 2 years ago

Hi Henri, 

I’m not from the EU but it Skincare is very personalised and also depends on your budget, I really enjoy using the Bulldog range of products just as they are so cost effective and really are great products to use, but you cant go wrong with sticking with some of the known brands such as Khiels (only recently started using and loving their products) Aesop I have used for some time and their products are a little pricier but are a really solid product and even the Clinique Mens line up of skin care range is really great.

My best advice to you would be go into Khiels and Aesop and ask for some testers as they usually are happy to help and handout some trial products and then establish what you like and return and buy the full products both stores usually have a great and really helpful staff force. 

Chris answered 2 years ago

Kiehls for me as well – easily the best moisturiser I’ve used. They’ve got a decent wee 20% just now as well with code BLACKFRIDAY, I’ve just treated myself !
I found clinique for me to be very average, Bodyshop have some decent cheap’ish moisturisers – I’ve tried the Green Tea and Lemon mattifying one and thought it did a decent enough job.

Franklin answered 2 years ago

I’ve tried a lot of brands, but I’m the most pleased with The Ordinary and The Inkey List. However, I consider these brands a little more advanced than your one stop products. For example I use about 3 different skincare products in the morning and 3 different ones at night. This is necessary because these brands offer you basically one ingredient per product at a very affordable price. I used to be a Kiehl’s enthusiast, but I think their prices are quite steep. I also read that the concentration of ingredients that they advertise are quite low. I like Bulldog as well. Hawkins and Brimble’s moisturizer is quite nice too. For face wash I don’t have a particular preference. Since these products are on your skin for a very short time I don’t really buy into the alleged skin benefits that some brands portray. I’m using a face wash from Simple. 

Henri replied 2 years ago

I started using bulldog, but I feel like it’s drying my skin even further. After the face wash my face feels very tight. After applying moisturiser I have a strong burning sensation for a minute or two. When the moisturiser is dried on my skin, the skin feels really dry.