Tips on growing out hair

TheDapper asked 2 years ago

Cheers everyone!
For years my go to style was short sides (fade from 2 to 6 mm) and longer on top (about 8 to 10 cm). I kinda got tired of it and now wanna change it up. I decided to get a bit more classy so I want go grow out the sides and the top. I don’t really have a problem but the sides are always killing me.

Do you guys have some tips for growing out your hair, especially the sides?

Thanks in advance! 

2 Answers
Benjamin White answered 2 years ago

Sides I’d just keep the regular maintenance whilst growing out by keeping up the tidy up around the ears and back it neck every 2-3 weeks and just let it do it’s thing man, can’t really do much but keep it tidy and sharp whilst growing it out

Chris answered 2 years ago

Best thing I did was do my back in – Didn’t get my hair cut for months.
Bit severe but …