Looking for haircut ideas

Upek1234 asked 2 years ago

Hey 18M here. For years I have had the same haircut and I’m thinking of switching it up for a change. Anyone have any suggestions on what type of haircut I should get? Thanks 
Pic is me

Lollitta17 replied 11 months ago

Try a pigtail as Viking had. They look cool

John26922 replied 1 year ago

If you attached your image with your post then I am able to suggest to you the best idea for your hair cut and which suits you also, but if you are hesitating to share your image so I suggest you a website that is Eastern hair where you can find your suitable design via your skin and hair dimensions matching.

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Richard answered 1 year ago

Sorry I may not be able to suggest hair cut ideas, but can suggest the best place to find the best hair care products, that is Allvendi. You would surely need them to hold your hair well.

atul.techguy answered 1 year ago

atleast you should add your any pic so that we can suggest

johan answered 1 year ago

I looked for so many haircut ideas and every time I want to try new things. Luckily I found a very interesting blog recently where I can find lots of new ideas with long bob hairstyles with bangs https://www.hairstylery.com/long-bob-hairstyles/  you know this ? I m sure that everyone needs to care about hair and from time to time its funny to change the style and maybe even color