Kaolin vs Bentonite – Effect on fine hair.

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jonuiuc asked 2 years ago

I haven’t been able to hunt down the functional difference between these two ingredients.  I remembering seeing that Bentonite swelled fine hair more, but then later on Kaolin was pointed out as being the one that actually had that effect.  Perhaps they both do, perhaps one or the other does it more.  Does anyone have sources that state if either or have this strand plumping effect on fine hair?

(or more information on Sea clay, or any of these other clays used in hair products).  I just haven’t found a good database for this sort of information.
Thanks all.

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Phillip answered 2 years ago

Kaolin is better when you have some scalp wound, while bentonite is better at nourishing your hair root. Bentonite is better for oily hair and scalp. Kaolin is better for thin, weak and sensitive hair.
I found these details in the android app “Clay – cosmetic & healing“. In this app you can find recipes for hair masks with appropriate type of clay for all types of hairs.

I hope I helped you.
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