Is Hanz De Fuko really natural? has anyone tried the conditioner?

Maxwell90 asked 12 months ago

I started using Hanz de Fuko back when it was extremely difficult to buy online in the UK, made my first order through a store called Muazo in 2011, since then they have definitely changed their formulations as they have grown, sponge wax and quicksand with the most noticeable changes but anyone handy when it comes to ingredients? would love to know percentage wise just how natural they are?
Purchased the HDF conditioner the other day and that also has changed, its consistency is more like a thick hair mask, not that I am complaining because after using it twice my hair is much more manageable and looks in better condition than the Aveda mens conditioner I have been using for 12 months but…. my hair is definitely thicker! I would love if anyone knows what HDF have used in there conditioner to make it thicken hair, especially if its natural ingredients because I am so impressed with it and I think it might be overlooked!

James if you are reading please review it and tell me what you think?