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Benjamin White asked 2 years ago

Hi All,

I’d love to hear some personal opinions on if you only had one fragrance for the rest of your life what would it be?

For me personally as of today it would have to be Tom Ford – Ombre leather, just cant get enough of this fragrance recently.

Id like to get some feed back as im always on the lookout for a new fragrance that I havent smelt yet!

bobmarray16 replied 12 months ago

I rally like Acqua Di Palma Colonia

RKEL replied 2 years ago

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doome replied 2 years ago

Drakkar Noir would do for me

RobJohnsson replied 2 years ago

Super hard.. I have around 45 fragrances. The most versatile and all around pleasing fragrance for me must be mancera´s cedrat boise 🙂

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ritchie answered 2 years ago

Love this question, but my answer is pretty standard, reallly cant see past Creed Aventus…

Arullu replied 2 years ago

I would go with Creed Irish Tweed.

Benjamin White replied 2 years ago

Robin! Haven’t personally found anywhere who has stocked it yet in my area but I am waiting!!

Robin James Staff replied 2 years ago

What do you think to Mont Blanc Explorer? Like a cheaper Aventus!

Benjamin White replied 2 years ago

Ritchie! Absolutely this is actually my next buy in the 100ml version really every time I see it I give myself a spritz and the longevity of this fragrance blows my mind! Great choice mate!

Simon H answered 2 years ago

I rally like Acqua Di Palma Colonia. Could see me using that for the rest of my life. 

Benjamin White replied 2 years ago

I haven’t really smelt much Aqua Di Palma, must go to a store and give them a smell!

Pronounta answered 2 years ago

For me, Xerjoff’s Dolce Amalfi. It smells great and its quality is pretty obvious. But apart from that, it can also be worn all the time. Summer to winter, from work to a date, there’s just no situation where it doesn’t work. It somehow manages to be absolutely unique, but incredibly versatile at the same time.

Henri answered 2 years ago

Dior Sauvage works with every situation, but it has become kind of over used. Also, Creed Aventus is great. If you’re on a budget, try Mont Blanc Explorer.

Bec Loades replied 2 years ago

Just to let you all know that Dior Sauvage, Creed Aventus and Mont Blanc Explorer are all on offer on Black Friday today! Head over to our blog to find these and some other great fragrances for a great price.

Marty McFly replied 2 years ago

Very hard! First one that popped into my head though was Terre d’Hermes

Benjamin White replied 2 years ago

I need to find somewhere that stocks it was really looking out for it today but cannot find the Mont Blanc anywhere! To be fair I think I’d rather get creed just for the sake of owning it it’s been a grail for a while!!

I hear you on the sauvage every bloke and his dog owns it and it’s so over used! It’s okay wouldn’t say it stands out as much anymore cause I bought it 2-3 years back and still haven’t finished it!

jonuiuc answered 2 years ago

Eau d’Orange Verte would be my pick, very fresh “orange grove” clean green citrus tree scent.  Though Prada Infusion d’ Homme would have given it a run for its money if it wasn’t discontinued.  That one was the “king of clean” it smelled like the soap that would be in the worlds most expensive hotels.  Both of these are very unoffensive, and have no danger of cloying you or “choking you out” in hot weather as some strong frangrances can.  Theirry Mugler’s “Cologne” (green liquid) is another option if the Hermes is a bit to pricey or unisex for you or if the Prada is hard to find or you find it too posh and flowery, its like a refined irish spring scent, very unoffensive and clean.  If you like pineapple, aventus or a clone may be up your alley, but I’m a less sweet, soapy, citrusy sort of guy.

Years ago I went through a period when I was trying, testing, and buying samples of all sorts of fragrances.  You kind of have to learn for yourself what you like.  Personally my (very) pared down collection now is the d’Orange verte as my default for three months of the year or the Thierry mugler cologne on more sporty or dressed down days (in reality I probably only need one of these bottles).  Prada Infusion d’Homme for when I wear dress shirts or for work, Tom Fords Grey Vetiver for when I wear suits in non work settings (infusion also has notes of vetiver but more laid back than the tom ford, which is a good bit stronger and more formal, alas the infusion is discontinued).  And the not in production Bond No. 9 “I Love NY for All” (black bottle).  This is my winter scent, and I don’t know what I’ll do when it runs out, it smells like a fancy Hot chocolate.  The only gourmand type scent I’ve reallly liked, way too much for warmer months or humid places, but in the cold of winter, smells great.

Benjamin White replied 2 years ago

Mate this is an unreal little reply I’ve not heard of a couple of these scents so I will be definitely checking them out, I just purchased aventus and I have grey vetiver already so I will definitely need to keep and eye out for these ones mentioned really appreciate that fantastic feedback!!

David Spina answered 2 years ago

Tom Ford Tuscan Leather is the only fragrance I wear. Today, tomorrow, and always.