Best Body Wash?

NickMundo asked 2 years ago

Hey guys,
Any solid body wash recommendations? Looking for something that doesn’t have an extremely strong scent because I’d like to wear a fragrance after the shower.

2 Answers
gregorwilson answered 2 years ago

I’m a fan of the Sukin range, I personally use it as I have sensitive skin and the scent is very mild!

NotAndrewParker answered 2 years ago

I’ve used a lot of different ones and I tend to switch them up based on the weather. In the cold weather we are having where I live, I will either go with some unscented Aveeno or some of the “Energy” moisturizing body wash from Bath & Bodyworks. Those are 2 really accessible ones that you can find for cheap or get great deals on when they go on sale. If you get the Energy (or any other scent) make sure it is the moisturizing one that comes in a tube, from their apothecary line. If you wanted to go a little higher quality, I would go for Kiehls. I haven’t found a product of theirs that I haven’t loved. Sometimes the musk fragrance of the body wash I have is a little strong though, but never lasts more than an hour anyways. 
Let me know of which ones you try and like, I am always on the hunt as well!