Medium Length Hairstyle

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This men’s haircut and style is low maintenance and so it doesn’t require a lot of upkeep. It’s perfect for medium length hair and is all about building texture and volume.

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Why We Love It:

Short, textured and totally low maintenance. An easy option for guys who want a contemporary look but don’t have the time for overly complicated styling.

What To Ask Your Barber:

  • This style is all about texture and volume.
  • Keep more weight and length in the sides.
  • Scissor cut.
  • Use a point cutting technique, as well as twist cutting, to create texture – do not use thinning scissors.

Get The Look

  • After shampooing and conditioning the hair, Anthony sectioned the sides of the hair from the top. 
  • James’ style is all about texture and volume, so Anthony kept more length and weight on the sides – really showing what can be done with a scissor cut. 
  • Starting with the back and sides, Anthony dusted off some of the length, to even it out before point-cutting into it to build texture.
  • He didn’t take much off the top, but he did sweep front to back – with a technique known as overdirecting – to leave more length in the front.
  • It was then onto the detail – point cutting around the ears and edges.
  • This was also done on the weight line just so it didn’t look too heavy.
  • This next bit is impressive – using a twist cutting method, the hair is literally twisted and almost frayed by using the open blade of the scissors. As the hair disperses it gives a textured, choppy effect to the style, whilst still maintaining the length.
  • If you’ve got thick and coarse hair, this could really work for you.
  • Anthony dried James’s hair by just using a hairdryer and his hands.
  • Once it was dried and the initial texture was in, Anthony used Hanz De Fuko’s best selling hybrid clay/wax, Claymation. This is also one of my favourite products from the brand.
  • This is a matte product that has a strong hold and is great to accentuate the natural texture of your hair.
  • He used the product to really add definition to the style – especially around the crown, which had been kept longer in length.
  • And to lock in the style, Anthony finished with Hanz De Fuko Style Lock hairspray. An extreme hold product that mists on but can be brushed out.
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