Big Volume With Grown Out Sides

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This one is all about adding loads of volume and texture to the hair; whilst working your grown-out sides.

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Why We Love It:

You might think that with grown out sides that you need to flatten your hair against your head. If anything, the opposite is true!

Working volume and texture into your hair helps to blur the lines and disguise the fact that you definitely need a haircut. Go big!

What To Ask Your Barber:

Get The Look

  • This is a scissor cut all over.
  • Clippers are used down onto the bottom of the neck to tidy the neck line.
  • Style cut in a square shape.
  • Cut shorter at the back than at the front.
  • Length left into the fringe.
  • Work volume and texture into the hair with a pre-styler and sea salt spray.
  • Build in the volume and texture using a hairdryer and hands.
  • Style with a gritty, textured clay.
  • Wear without hairspray for a style that can be played with all day.
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