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Challenging Gender Through Hair and Style Choices


Challenging Gender Through Hair and Style Choices

We are fast approaching an age where gender and style are fluid. From the hairstyles we create to the clothes we wear, it’s all about choice and expressing our own individuality.

This post has been sponsored by TONI&GUY Hair Care Products.

I’m really proud to be working with TONI&GUY Hair Care Products on their Gender Neutral campaign. I’m a real champion of people embracing their own sense of self; and I’d really encourage you guys to get involved in experimenting with your own personal style to change up the stereotype.

Gender neutral style

Starting from the hair down, I’ve created three complete looks to really push my own style boundaries. Taking inspiration from British Designers ASHISH, Ashley Williams and Faustine Steinmetz‘s SS17 fashion shows; the looks I’ve created are exaggerated expressions of the things I love in hair and style – texture, layering, volume and movement. It’s also liberating to style myself in a way which distinguishes me from others and makes me stand out from the crowd.

Look 1 | Volume in Sequin


For me, hair is all about having fun whilst finding the perfect frame for your face. Adding height, texture and volume has made this a show-stopping look. With a sequin blazer (inspired by ASHISH), I’ve really drawn attention to the top half of my body.

In a nod to the sports luxe trend, I’ve styled with skinny jeans and white Stan Smith Adidas trainers.Gender-Neutral-Style-Robin-JamesGender-Neutral-Style-Robin-JamesGender-Neutral-Style-Robin-JamesGender-Neutral-Style-Robin-James

Shop the look:

Create the hair:

  1. Work a small amount of TONI&GUY’s Volume Plumping Mousse into your hair.
  2. Using a medium heat, fast speed hair dryer, begin to work the volume into the hair in upwards motions.
  3. Add definition and structure with TONI&GUY’s Styling Putty. It also has a really great matte finish.
  4. Set with TONI&GUY’s Tousled Texture Creation Hairspray.

Look 2 | Leather and Lace


Yes, I definitely have a hint of South American rent boy about me in this look, but this was my favourite to create.

I’ve always been a fan of sleek and glossy hair, but have often shunned it in favour of my trademark quiff.

From afar, this may look like a standard all black everything combo, but on closer inspection it’s full of texture.

Wearing a lace pussy bow shirt, I’ve brought a softer tone to the heavy texture of my leather jacket.


Shop the look:

Create the hair

  1. Spritz TONI&GUY’s Flexi Definition Gel throughout the lengths of the hair for a flexible and lightweight hold.
  2. Whilst combing across, use a hair dryer to build the style.
  3. Using TONI&GUY’s Styling Clay, sweep across the hair to lock the style into place and ensure a solid hold for the day.
  4. For extra gloss, spritz TONI&GUY’s Illuminating Perfume across the surface of the hair.

Look 3 | Longline and Layers


This third look is by far the most wearable. I’ve gone for the softest hairstyle out of the three and built texture into my fringe by styling it against the way that it grows.

The delicate hairstyle is in sharp contract to the defined silhouette of my overcoat, shirt and high-waisted trousers.

For me, this look epitomises gender neutral style – it has texture and layering and would look great on anyone.



Shop the look:

Create the hair

  1. Working on damp hair, I’ve dried my hair with a hair dryer and TONI&GUY’s Heat Protection Mist.
  2. To add texture to the style, I’ve then worked through TONI&GUY’s Messy Salt Spray and dried the hair down and across my face.
  3. To keep it all looking relaxed (but perfectly in place), I worked TONI&GUY’s Styling Putty down across the hair.

Sure, as full looks go, this isn’t the way that I’d normally dress. Not because I’m not comfortable with it, but because it doesn’t necessarily fit with my own personal style.

It has, however, been really liberating to experiment with this project and challenge my own sense of self. It’s definitely something that I’d recommend.

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