A serious drink! This timeless classic is great for whiskey lovers.

You Will Need

50ml Rye Whiskey (MFH recommends Jack Daniel's Rye Straight Whisky) £29.86 Shop now
12.5ml sugar syrup £9.97 Shop now
2 dashes Peychaud bitters £8.25 Shop now
1 dash Angostura bitters £15.00 Shop now
A drop of Absinthe (try Pernaud) to rinse the glass £41.63 Shop now
Lemon zest
Mixing glass £13.34 Shop now
Bar spoon £4.99 Shop now
Rock glass £14.70 Shop now

MFH says

Impress the bartender by ordering this classic. Traditionally the drink was made with cognac, but now more commonly made with rye whiskey or some people like half and half. When ordering ask for an “all Rye Sazerac”.

Sazerac – How To

  1. Chill a rock glass with ice.
  2. Add Rye Whiskey, sugar and Peychaud bitters to a mixing glass and stir over ice.
  3. Discard ice from rock glass and rinse with Absinthe by pouring in a small amount (a half shot) into your glass, swirl round, then discard the liquid.
  4. Strain your mixing glad into Absinthe rinsed glass (do not top with ice).
  5. Garnish with lemon zest and make sure to extract those citrus oils over the drink and round the rim. The lemon is essential to this drink!


It all began for the Sazerac cocktail in 1838, when Antoine Peychaud, a new Orleans apothecary, mixed cognac with his proprietary Peychaud bitters.


Cocktail curated by Highball Hospitality

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