Hairstyling advice

Georgy asked 2 years ago

Hello, I have a problem: often when I use a hair product after several minutes the hold is gone. When I use clay (with matt finish) hair also gets a little shiny. It is not always though, sometimes everything is perfect
I have straight thick hair

Filip replied 1 year ago


I have a problem where i have a front cowlick in my hair that grows sort of forward down and then back,  so I have a problem parting my hair.

how do i combat it/tame it? is there maby any hair treatments for cowlicks or maby hair tools?

With kind regards Filip

tim.ward replied 2 years ago

I have really thick hair and lots of it. Waxes and creams don’t do much for me. I use american crew molding clay. It’s a matte finish but your hair needs to be dry. If it’s wet it will get a shine and lose some of its hold. As long as my hair is dry it holds like a champ.

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Richard answered 1 year ago

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johan answered 1 year ago

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