Hair Product Review

Alex1216 asked 2 years ago

Hey I know it’s been out for awhile now so I do t know if you could but is there a possibility to review more Pete & Pedro Products such as the sea salt spray and the putty, that would be great thank you.

2 Answers
Robin James Staff answered 2 years ago

Hey Alex, I actually don’t own the products, but I can certainly look to see about them. 
Maybe someone else here has used them? 

jonuiuc answered 2 years ago

I own and use both (I’m basically a buy it and try it guy).  They both do what they purport to do.  The sea spray leaves a little texture in your hair, and I can see some people use it when they want some texture for finger combed styles etc.  There is no hold, but the texture may be enough to fix it so your hair isn’t “too clean” if you are going without any other product that day.  Personally I use Reuzel Grooming cream as a pre styler pre blow dry, then when I have the volume, dry hair, I’ll spray the salt 3-4 times, finger style and done.  You don’t want to comb your hair or blow dray after you use the salt, or you lose the effect of the texture you just put in.  I just have the trial bottle.  When it runs out, I probably won’t by more, as I’m trying out some other “light hold/style” things soon.  I may return to it someday if I haven’t found anything to duplicate it.

I actually bought a sampler pack of most of the pete and pedro stuff, so could give you some thoughts on the rest.  The putty, is probably their best product in use.  Application and styling is a pain, and there is a learning curve.  You really have to warm it up and then move it to apply it as evenly as you can, cause it will pull.  But once its in, it will last for days even.  Imagine it like a shoe or candle wax coating, a waxy (not oily) pomade, your hair stays soft and pliable, but it stays in place, and restyling can with comb or hands is really easy.  Not the easiest to use, but works.  Its not heavy but gives you hair some structure if you are going for height (it does not freeze and dry hard like hairspray, so it won’t defy gravity though).

I can give you quick takes on the rest.  Clay, nicest application, easy styling, but not so much staying power for me.  Paste, better hold and staying power than clay, but sticky, so application is not as easy because of the stickiness, has sort of a conditioning aspect to it, lasts longer than clay, but not like the multi day performance of putty.  Cream, I like cause I like some movement in my hair sometimes, its like a lighter version of the paste, just not sticky and less hold.

I ordered Salon guys Hustle clay and Crafted medium clay a few days ago.  We’ll see how that stacks up with the P&P clay, which is nice to apply, just doesn’t last for me.